Our Steam Cleaners are very effective in killing germs and viruses, vapor steam kills 99.9% of germs and viruses while also being safer for your vehicle’s interior rather than harsh chemical cleaners and w/ NO cross-contamination. When you use chemical cleaners like most other detail shops and use any wiping method – you are harder on your vehicle and also risk cross-contamination.

Read this article from the Envirnment Protection Agency (EPA) on the effectiveness of Steam Cleaning.

COVID-19 Info – to help combat COVID-19 we have added another layer of protection to ALL our interior details. As stated above our steam cleaners are already super effective at killing germs and viruses. But, Vapor wants to give you the absolute best service possible to keep your family safe.

So we have added another level of service to cleaning your vehicle. From now on our technicians will spray your entire vehicle’s interior and primary “point of contact” areas w/ STERAMINE to keep you and your family safe. STERAMINE is approved by the EPA and accepted by the USDA as a safe and effective sanitizer. It is clear-rinsing, fast drying, and has no taste or odor. It is widely used in kitchens and is food-level-grade safe.

For more info on STERAMINE please visit – https://www.sanitize.com/

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