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We offer an extensive list of services for auto detailing Helena, MT.
Please call to cancel or change your appointment.


We are ©Rightlook Certified in vehicle detailing

Car or Truck: $125
Hatchback or Wagon: $150
SUV or Van: $170

  • Exterior: Washed
  • Door Jams & Rear Hatch: Cleaned & Wiped
  • Interior: Vacuum Only
    • NO Shampoo Extraction
  • Carpets: Shampoo/Extract
    • NO Floor Mats (purchase add-on below)
  • Dressing & Shine: Dash Only
  • Spray Carnauba Wax:  30 Day Protection
  • Tires: Dress/Shine
  • Windows: Inside and Out

Car or Truck: $225
Hatchback or Wagon: $250
SUV or Van: $270

Silver Package Plus:

  • Exterior: Carnauba Paste Wax (3-6 months of protection)
  • Interior: All-Purpose Clean & Steam
  • Extract/Shampoo: SEATS & FLOORS, MATS
  • Dress/Shine: ENTIRE Interior
  • More time detailing vehicle

Car or Truck: $325
Hatchback or Wagon: $350
SUV or Van: $370

Gold Package Plus:

  • 3 Stage exterior paint protection: Compound, Polish, Sealant (9-12 Months of Protection)
  • Leather Condition or Fabric Protectant on seats
  • Floor Mat Rejuvenation
  • More time spent on detail to get our highest quality results


Ozone Deodorizer


Marine & Boats (starting at)


Surface Engine Clean & Protect


$80 an hour
Wash Only


Wash & Wax Only

(Starting Price)

Motorcycles & Snowmobiles

(Starting Price)

Headlight Restoration
$70 for both headlights
$35 for a single headlight
Customer Satisfaction

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our customer service manager will do a vehicle visual walkthrough with you when you pick up your vehicle. Please notify them of anything you see that still needs attention and we will immediately remedy the issue before you leave.

*Interior Details… For heavy soiled vehicles a Vapor technician will consult with you at the time of check-in. If your vehicle is considered heavy-soiled – he will then give you an accurate price quote to get your vehicle VAPOR CLEAN.

Questions & Answers 

  • How long does a detail take?
    • Detail Packages all vary but, most details take an average of 2-4 hours depending on the size, and condition of the vehicle. Some Add-On Services can take up to an extra hour. We do expect to keep the vehicle for the majority of the day. We will get the vehicle back to you by the close of business on the same day.
  • Can I drop off my car the night before or early in the morning before my scheduled appointment?
    • 1st-time customers we highly recommend bringing your car in person so we can do a full inspection of your vehicle w/ you present and explain to you what is included in the package you ordered and so expectations are set and fully understand what you are receiving.
    • For returning customers if you absolutely cannot drop off in person we have a red dropbox on the front of our building you can drop your keys into. Please park the vehicle in front of the building facing Last Chance Gulch and fill out the form and leave it in the vehicle. One of the detail technicians will call with any questions about the vehicle.
  • When can I replace my floor mats?
      • Please wait to replace floor mats until the carpet is completely dry. Vapor Detailing has provided a white floor mat for the driver to keep the carpet clean as it dries.