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Vapor Detailing, LLC Terms of Service Briefing

The WAITLIST is for customers who want to be called if someone cancels, this can get you in sooner, especially during the busy season. Call 406-996-1440 with any questions.
  • Know Your Package: It is extremely important you know what services are included in the package you ordered. We will cover this with you when you check-in too.
  • Sign Your Waiver: After you book, we will send you emails; please sign the waiver in your email. Don’t see it? Check junk/spam. Talk to the tech at check-in if you have questions.
  • Additional Charges: will be assessed for heavy stains, excessive pet hair, excessive debris removal, animal & human feces, and blood. These are also ADD-ON’s when you book.
  • Personal Items: Vapor Detail is not liable for any personal items left in the vehicle. Please remove all personal property prior to your appointment. Any personal items left in the vehicle will be bagged up and left in the vehicle. Please take the time to remove expensive, sentimental or important items.
  • Harmful Substances: If there is the threat of any harmful substances (needles, drugs, gasoline, etc.) in the vehicle, you must let your detail technician know prior to your detail. You will be held responsible for any criminal, health and/or safety issues arising from your vehicle.
  • Infestations: You must notify us prior to your appointment if your vehicle has been stored for a while without use and you think there may be any chance of infestations. Including Bed Bugs, Rats, Mice, Bees/Wasps/Hornets, etc. We can clean and help with this but it takes preperation. There is also a higher fee for this, and it is NOT covered under our standard pricing.
  • Late Appointments: We have the right to cancel your appointment if you are more than 30 minutes late. Please CALL and communicate with our staff if you are running late.
  • Canceling Your Appointment: We require a minimum 72 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. Your deposit will be refunded to your card if you cancel 72 hours prior to your appointment.